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» Forum » Fahrzeuge » Fahrzeugtechnik » Roster Additions- The Florida Marlins

Roster Additions- The Florida Marlins
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14.09.2017 - 10:58:11     Zitieren

The Florida Marlins organization made some fishy choices when adding pitchers to the 40-man roster recently.
Right-hander Dallas Trahern, who had been acquired in the Miguel Cabrera do busine s with Detroit this past year, had a dismal 2008 season in the Triple-A level. He posted a 5.72 FIP with 141 hits allowed in 111 innings of labor. Trahern was hit hard and allowed 20 home runs (1.62 HR/9). On the plus side, Marvin Jones Jr Jersey he didn't walk a lot of batters (3.65 BB/9) however that positive feeling is negated by his low strikeout rate (5.76 K/9). Traherns repertoire includes an 88-92 mph fastball, curveball and change-up.
Canadian Chris Leroux is your typical talented but raw Northerner, who needs to improve his Matt Rotheram Jersey command by pitching as many innings as you po sibly can. The right-hander was originally a starter, but could not stay healthy so he was now use the bullpen in 2007, that was a wise move. Since that time, Leroux has appeared in 103 games out of the bullpen and improved last season Dwayne Washington Jersey despite advancing from A-ball to High-A. In 2008, Leroux allowed just 60 hits in 74 innings and posted rates of three.16 BB/9 and 9.49 K/9. His WHIP dropped from 1.41 to 1.16. Hell be a little old for Double-A in 2009 at 24, but Leroux has le s experience around the mound than most his age. He can touch 94 mph with his fastball and has a solid slider.
Tim Wood was definitely a head-scratcher when he Brandon Pettigrew Jersey was put into the 40-man roster if you look at his numbers. The 26-year-old was originally selected within the 44th round of the 2002 draft. The right-handed middle reliever were built with a nice season in High-A ball by permitting 25 hits in 40 innings (His BABIP was a fluky .209) but posted mediocre rates of three.38 BB/9 and 4.95 K/9. His ERA was 1.80 but the FIP was a le s-impre sive 3.85. Promoted to Triple-A, Wood allowed 20 hits in 20.1 innings and posted rates of 2.66 BB Asa Jackson Jersey /9 and 6.64 K/9. His FIP was 4.18. Woods fastball hits 95 mph and he includes a power slider, but the numbers just dont accumulate.
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