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» Forum » Fahrzeuge » Fahrzeugtechnik » Garage fences and Their Four Types

Garage fences and Their Four Types
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17.01.2018 - 10:51:44     Zitieren

There are many types of garage fences avalible on the market in Brisbane. If you are choosing a garage fence for your home, office or commercial premises here are some of the styles that you will look at and choose from. There are three main types of garage fences on the market;
1.Roller fences 2.Sectional overhead fences (panel fences) 3.Tilt fences
Roller fences This type of garage fences moves up & down vertically, rolling into a cylindrical shape at the top of the fence. Roller fences have a horizontally ribbed pattern in the sheeting. Roller fences can be made to fit a wide range of openings ranging from domestic garages through to industrial buildings. Roller fences have a track or guide that runs the height of the opening on each side that guides the fence up and down. You can choose to key lock or add an automatic garage fence opener to your roller fence. If you drive around the suburbs you will see this type of fence on most of the home.
Sectional Overhead fences These types of garage fences are mainly found in the domestic market. They comprise four or five horizontal panels that stack on top of each other and are hinged together to form a complete garage fence. There are rollers at the top of each panel on either side that follow an arched track. When the fence is opened it goes up vertically then rolls along a 90 degree bend and then rolls back parallel with the garage ceiling. It is very popular to motorise these types of garage fences for convenience. If you are looking at you can see this type of fence in some of the newer suburbs.
Tilt fences Tilt fences were one of the first types of garage fences to be introduced to the building industry many years ago. To this day their cheap cost is what keeps them in the garage fence market. They are a one piece rigid frame and sheeting that swings out at the bottom and then tilts up to open parallel to the ceiling. These garage fences are also popular as they need the least amount of headroom to be installed and these garage fences can be sheeted in almost any material you can think of, allowing for great versatility in style and design.
Conclusion Choosing a garage fence for your home, office, workplace or shed usually starts with a particular style or look and not to mention, the budget. There are many different options in garage fences to suit your budget, size constraints and tastes.
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