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MMORPG to reach the console could be qui
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14.06.2018 - 04:58:14     Zitieren

Was PC crossplay with the Xbox One or PS4 (we are aware these Buy Tera Gold having crossplay collectively isn't possible now) something that the group ever considered? Was the exception based on not wanting to dramatically alter the landscape of long-established servers?

There was some talk when we first started, but it was quickly lost when we made a commitment to creating the best possible TERA console experience. This led us to concentrate our development efforts on a specific version of the match, and create console-specific features like a fully redesigned user interface using a radial menu and smart inventory to ease usability.

Would a Nintendo Switch variant of TERA be possible in concept or are there a lot of limitations, technical or otherwise? The first hardcore MMORPG to reach the console might be rather common. In theory, it might be possible, and there is a definite chance there, but we do not have plans for a Switch variant at this time.

TERA has existed for a long time now, and is one of a handful of MMORPGs to possess true, sustained, long-lasting success. However, as time passes, the older leveling and questing systems become dated in certain games. Did you want to alter anything else to get ready for the influx of brand-new level 1 players going into the game?

We'd already made quite a few changes to the leveling curve and how we introduce articles to fresh players, but at the run-up into our games launch, the team took a hard look at what happens when players experience the main TERA plot. To streamline the procedure (and ease congestion in early zones)we re-wrote and re-routed a couple of quests to get people through the first levels and to high-threat, high-reward articles as quickly as possible.

In reality, we liked the changes so much, we rolled them into the PC version as well! Will there be any impact on upgrades / new content to the PC version of TERA with the accession of PS4 and Xbox One? What's the next set of articles that games gamers can expect?

The console versions of the game are manufactured by another group, so their advancement generally will not affect the PC version. For now, the PC version has the latest material, whereas the console variant plays a bit of catch-up. In the end, our goal is to bring the two versions closer together, though adapting new systems from PC into the consoles in a way that makes sense and is instinctive to gamers occasionally makes that challenging.

For us, the decision is always quality over quantity, and even though we'd love to get all versions of the game completely in sync, each platform has its own unique features, viewers, and challenges, and we need to approach each one individually.

From the console version especially, we've got a summer full of fresh content and events planned, so there should not be any lack of things for console gamers to participate with tera console gold. What's the team excited about what's to come for TERA for both PC and consoles? Denomme: Visit the heavens! There's far more going on overhead than you think.
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