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» Forum » Atemschutz » Atemschutz » MapleStory 2 seem nice

MapleStory 2 seem nice
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14.06.2018 - 04:59:12     Zitieren

The game emphasizes customization and individuality over generic defaults. It has an obsession with asking if you would like to screenshot any component of the game, and it automatically saves screenshots in a designated folder into your PC. Perhaps the biggest indication of this match's ambitions is you get your residence. I never noticed this while playing the original game, but old Maplers are basically nomads. Cheap Maplestory Mesos fixes this issue by providing you a big old house so that you can craft your very own little corner of the match.

Despite the shift to 3D, MapleStory 2 smartly keeps key elements of this match and storytelling that made the original so distinctive. The storyline has evolved and included dozens of new characters, but the center of the tale remains the same: it's the wicked Dark Mage versus the beautiful goddess. Some less-welcome components of the original are nevertheless invisibly, such as the notoriously glitchy Nexon game launcher.

However, once you're in the sport, a lot can be forgiven, given how it's the community that actually makes the experience enjoyable. In its core MapleStory is an online destination for friends to collect, much like Club Penguin or even Neopets. I unexpectedly met my current boyfriend of almost three years through MapleStory when an idle summer drew us back to the match, and have fulfilled several Maple buddies in real life from throughout the country. We keep in touch, even if none of us play the old game much anymore. The people of Maplestory 2 items seem nice enough for today. When I died and got trapped by a tombstone, I clicked in chat for help, and someone really walked over and revived me, before telling me he had not helped me sooner because he thought I had been an non-playable character due to my suspiciously easy username.
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