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What type of Factory directly Supply for
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11.01.2019 - 04:23:53     Zitieren

What type of Factory directly Supply for Peanut Groundnut Harvester?

Peanut harvesting machine is a commonly used equipment for harvesting peanuts in agricultural production. Now there are many peanut harvesting machine manufacturers on the market. So what types of peanut harvesting machines do they offer? Today, the Factory directly Supply for Peanut Groundnut Harvester to introduce to you which models?
There are two models, one is a hand-held model, which can be matched with all the hand-held vehicles on the market.
One is a four-wheeled tractor that can be used with all tractors with the rear output.
Advantages of this machine: Fully automatic and neatly laid and harvested, placed neatly more than manual, harvested thoroughly and thoroughly, without soil and without losing fruit, does not hurt garlic, without artificial bending and hunchback from the soil, garlic and placed, the vast majority The peasant friend is liberated from the heavy physical labor. This machine is free from debugging models.
Advantages of this machine:
1: Automatically tidy up the harvest, excavate the transport and shake the soil and finish it once, saving labor
2: Crazy work efficiency, the hand-supported harvest of 3 to 5 acres per hour, the four-wheeled harvest of 6 to 8 acres per hour
3: Strong versatility, multi-purpose machine, suitable for ridge planting of garlic and peanuts, not affected by ridge width and ridge distance, suitable for different planting modes in the country, large plots of plains and small plots of hilly mountains can be used
4: High-quality machine quality, the machine excavation blade, and transmission chain are all specially made, with high wear resistance. The general user replaces the blade twice a year, the chain can be replaced by the buckle, and the cost is low.
5: Scientific and reasonable design, using gear and chain drive, stable operation, no power loss, can work around the clock
6: With abutment device, you can harvest the fallen and wheel-rolled peanut garlic
7: The depth of the excavation can be adjusted. This machine is equipped with a hand-shake adjustment device, which is convenient and quick.
8: Independent clutch separation system, easy to operate, simple and practical.

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